CBC Elko Worship

The music and production ministries of CBC Elko.

Who We Are

CBC Elko Worship exists to lift high the name of Jesus and to glorify God with our corporate and personal worship. We sing modern, theologically-sound songs and arrangements, utilizing today's instrumentation and techniques as a celebration of the creativity that God instills in His creation.

CBCEW is comprised of all the musical, artistic, and technical aspects of CBC Elko's worship.

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The Platform team includes our singers and instrumentalists. We sing and play modern worship songs and updated songs of the faith that are doctrinal and intentional. We are always looking for others to join us as we seek to lead the worship of our congregation and those who join us online.


The Production team powers the worship of our church. They run the sound, the lights, the cameras... pretty much anything that makes a singer or a band member heard or seen. They are integral to what we do during a worship gathering. We use a tech-forward approach to our production, utilizing automation and modern techniques to bring our best to our people and our God. If you are skilled in any facet of live production, we'd love to hear from you below!

CBC Elko Worship Interest Form

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