Celebrate Recovery

Help with hurts, habits, and hangups

Meeting IN PERSON starting Thursday, May 6th at 6 pm! 5th and Walnut in our Fellowship Hall downstairs.

Do you have any hurts, habits, or hangups? Do you have trouble setting limits for yourself? Do you sacrifice your identity, desires, or needs to make others feel good about themselves or to ‘keep the peace’? Do you struggle with not feeling safe when you aren’t in control? Do you raise your voice to get your own way? Do you act kind on the outside, but feel bitter on the inside? Do you use food, sex/pornography, relationships, alcohol, or drugs to cope with life’s problems? Do you struggle with your body image? Do you love someone struggling with destructive behaviors, such as pornography, drugs, alcohol, depression, or suicidal tendencies? Do you live with someone who abuses you physically, sexually, verbally, or emotionally? Do you feel the continued effects of past traumas and abuses?

Get in touch. Don't try to navigate your issues alone. 

REMEMBER: CR isn't only for those who struggle with chemical dependencies or other addictions!  Don’t give up! There is hope!

Use the form to contact CR's leadership for more info. All communications are confidential.